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Migration of Servers

November 20th, 2013

Hi everyone,

Today QueenShare.com is 1,000,000 visitors each month and more 40TB hosted data.

To ensure a top quality service every day, we will proceed with the migration of our servers, in the course of this week and early next week.

The new servers QueenShare.com, increase download speeds and storage capacities.

We will keep you informed of the progress of the migration, and a surprise waiting for you at the end of operations.

And do not forget the more you upload, the more you earn monies!

The facebook page is open to receive all your recommendations for the implementation of new services.

See you soon on QueenShare.com,


Free Key and Good News

November 14th, 2013

Special Promo:

1 Share on Facebook = 1 key

30 days Premium for € 5

Limited until December 1st!

We also reduce it advertising on the site for better comfort, leave us your comments on facebook.


like our FB page and get premium

November 04th, 2013

today is promo is very easy just like our page in FB and get x day premium (from 1 to 30 days ) premium for free just like our page and send to us private message and get your premium code immediately
just click here and like our page

we will wait you

support Team


Now with queenshare.com you can share your mp3/video in Facebook

October 12th, 2013

Now with queenshare.com you can share embedded video or mp3 you upload with your friend in Facebook


Sorry for site down that done today

October 06th, 2013

We are very sorry about this down that done for 30min that happen due to problem in data center and we Will do all our best to avoid that in the future


New improve in our profit table , you will get more money

October 03th, 2013

we make deep test to our profit table and improve it more and we are sure now you get profit from all downloads unlimited daily and any use have any problem in that from today , you can open support ticket , this will be very important ticket according new site owner orders to make our uploaders NO1 in our support

our profit tables

50 - 100 Mb $5 $3 $1 $0.5
101 - 500 Mb $8 $6 $2 $1
501 - 1000 Mb $12 $9 $3 $1.5
1001 - 1500 Mb $18 $12 $4 $2
1501 - 2000 Mb $25 $15 $5 $2.5
2000+ Mb $30 $18 $8 $5. $5

also we have new payment method via SMS that will help you to get more revenue from your files sales , today we have 230 sales after 1 hour from lunch this service , be sure queenshare improve there service to help you to gain money from your files very easy


Now in queenshare all users premium downloads

September 23th, 2013

Hi , it's greet news
All our users like premium

1-no download limit
2- no upload limit
3- you can use torrent leech for free
4- you can use remote upload no limit
5- you can rar/unrar your files
6- you can use video empeded
7- you can use mp3 emped
8- no daily limit
9- no capatcha
10- no wait time
And many many more option , to help you enjoy your downloads and let up loaders earn more

We will be happy to receive your suggestion via this news link

Have a nice time with queenshare.com and downloads all your movies and songs and games etc with unlimited speed , Harry up and take this chance and let all your friends share that


Queenshare for sale

September 17th, 2013


If you want to buy queenshare or to be our site partner send your bid to sales@queenshare.com

Salut Si vous voulez acheter queenshare ou d'être notre partenaire du site envoyer votre candidature à sales@queenshare.com

Saluton Se vi volas aĉeti queenshare aŭ esti nia retejo kompaniano sendi vian proponon al sales@queenshare.com

Hi Als u wilt queenshare kopen of naar onze site partner stuur uw bod naar sales@queenshare.com

ハイ あなたはqueenshareを購入するか、または私達のサイトのパートナーになりたい場合はsales@queenshare.comにあなたの入札を送る

Selam Eğer queenshare satın almak veya sitemizi ortak olmak istiyorsanız sales@queenshare.com için teklifinizi gönderin

إذا كانت لديك الرغبة في شراء موقعنا أو مشاركتنا ارسل لنا سهرك علي البريد التالى



Payments have been completed this week

September 14th, 2013

Payments have been completed this week
for all users that request there payout this week , check your account in paypal and you will find your queenshare money

have good and easy earn with queenshare.com

also uploader No1 this week and who will get extra 25% in there payout total is :


congratulation for Sozana and we will wait the winner for next week


Very good news very soon

September 05th, 2013

Very good news very soon


Some changes in our profit table

July 03th, 2013

Today we do some changes in our payout tables , you can see that in our make money page


Early payout done this week

June 20th, 2013

We done early payout this week for all uploaders that change there payout method from payza to PayPal


Speed will be 500Kb/s for free users

June 20th, 2013

From today to meet this hot summer our download speed for free users will be 500Kb/S and for premium is 5Mb/s


No payout via payza

June 13th, 2013

Hi all our uploaders

We didn't use payza anymore for payout so any uploader request payout via payza , plz change it to PayPal to avoid any payout suspend


Hot summer with queenshare.com , your profit is double every day and min payout is $10

June 13th, 2013

All our uploaders , your profit will be double every day till end of summer session ,also your downloaders have more bandwidth and no limit per day, no captcha , no wait time , it's your hot summer

Work hard to make your money now , it will be very easy

We will select the most active uploaders to join our gold uploaders team and gain extra profit

If you want to join gold uploaders team just open ticket with our support team and let us know your traffic source and traffic amount , and you will get your reply in 24h

For any suggestion you can reply in this news and we will take care if your openions

Support Team


No captcha-No file limit - No waiting time all that from queenshare.com

June 13th, 2013


All our user this month we have No captcha-No file limit - No waiting time all that from queenshare.com

So Harry up and collect all your links everywhere to catch this promo

Support Team


every weekend all uploaders profit will be double

May 20th, 2013

All download you gain every Saturday and sunday will be double profit , we will begin from next weekend

Have a good Time with queenshare.com and next will be better

Support Team


Our new affliate program is online now more cash and more money

May 08th, 2013

Our new uploader affliate program is online and avilable for all our uploaders now we have 4 membership

1- silver membership it will give you premium benefits and your profit will be *2
2- gold membership your profit will be *3
3- platinum membership profit will be *5
4- diamond membership profit will be * 10

Any uploaders need to join this new affliate program and earn more you can join via your user control panel via this link

And we will give some of our famous uploader free join to this new affliate program

We will be happy to see your comments and suggestion in this topic


Every weekend all uploaders profit will be double

May 01th, 2013

All download you gain every Saturday and sunday will be double profit , we will begin from next weekend

Have a good Time with queenshare.com and next will be better

Support Team


You can login to queenshare via your FB account

April 30th, 2013

Now you can use your FB account to login to queenshare and don't west your time in registration steps
Just go to login page
And click in login via FaceBook and you will regeistered in our system direct

We have more and more in next days , wait our surprise


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